“This is the best sounding room we’ve ever recorded in.”
  • OneRepublic
    “This is the most insane studio and the most insane gear...LOVE it here. ”
  • DON GILMORE (Producer / Engineer -Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte)
    “Revolution is probably one of the best new modern rock studios in North America if not the world. Great staff and first class maintenance made every work day a real pleasure.”
  • DEAN NELSON (Producer / Engineer - Beck, Buck 65, Bat For Lashes, Thurston Moore and Stephen Malkmus)
    “Without a hint of irony in its name, Revolution, gives a gentlemen's nod to the past without being pastiche. It's a torchbearer into the 21st century of recording!”
  • BRAD WALST (Three Days Grace)
    “Recording at Revolution was a great experience. The live room in Studio A gave us what I believe are our best tones yet. The staff and engineers there were world class. If you are looking for a inspirational space to create ... Revolution is the place.”
  • LUKE HOSKIN (Protest The Hero)
    “We decided on this studio for the extremely high bar set by its creators. From building construction right down to each knob - Revolution delivered! However, we stayed for the staff. From the freshest intern to the studio's most experienced pros, we were treated with respect and enthusiasm every single day we were there. Some real friendships were made in this building, as well as some memories I am grateful to take with me.”
  • ROBBIE LACKRITZ (Producer / Engineer - Feist, Bahamas)
    “Joe and his team are excellent to work with; thoroughly knowledgeable and easy-going staff engineers. The gear is perfectly curated and lovingly maintained. Studio A is a great design and gorgeous live room. An impeccable classic large format studio in an era when they are all disappearing.”
    “Neil Peart from Rush said this was the best sounding room they had ever recorded in and I say ‘ditto’ ”
  • STUART CHATWOOD (The Tea Party)
    “Recording at Revolution was an amazing experience.  We wanted the best of the old and the best of the new, and they had it all, expertly maintained as well.  The room sounded great and recording through the vintage Neve console onto 2" tape gave us that fat and warm sound we had always dreamt about.  The drum sound was huge!”
    “Revolution is what a recording studio should be - inspiring. It facilitates and encourages thinking big.”
  • Katie Larson (University of Toronto)
    “It was a delight to record at Revolution Recording! Studio A is a beautiful space, and was perfect for the intimate and natural sound we needed for our project (early music involving a lute and two voices). Every aspect of our experience in working with this studio was professional and positive.”
  • Frank Mills
    “It's been a long time since I worked a full-blown session at a major studio. Despite the changes in technology my latest project was an awesome experience on all counts. My latest song, ‘Lest We Forget Where Poppies Grow,’ based on the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Lt. Col. John McCrae M.D., demanded a large 45-piece orchestra, a complicated setup, and several assistants to cover the many details involved. Thanks for what proved to be a flawless session which no doubt made everyone happy, musicians included, with predictable results ( 8 standing ovations out of 8 concert performances ). I look forward to the next session.”
  • DOUG BOEHM (Producer / Engineer - Tokyo Police Club, Liz Phair, Dr Dog, Guided by Voices)
    “I cut a good portion of the drums from Forcefield (Tokyo Police Club) in studio A at Revolution. Fantastic room. I was able to get a really big open sound as well as a tight close one. Besides a great sounding room, they have all the gear you need, and a staff that actually knows and likes to makes records.”
  • MICHAEL PHILLIP WOJEWODA (Producer / Engineer – Jason Plumb, Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea)
    “Revolution Recording has raised the bar very high indeed. Brilliant acoustic designs in all three rooms plus an almost fanatical maintenance staff making sure that every piece of vintage gear is working better than spec. A very inspiring and creative environment where things just ... work. Well done!”
  • LESLEY BARBER (Composer - Irreplaceable You, Mansfield Park, Manchester by the Sea)
    “The session went super well, and I loved the sound of the room!! I’ll be back.”
    “The recording process, as it directly ties in with the creative process, brings artists into vulnerable and even volatile territory. An environment that is welcoming, hospitable and trustworthy is paramount. Add to this access to an impressively diverse and top-notch supply of gear, a world-class team, and spaces designed to capture the best performances possible, and you have Revolution Recording. I am very grateful to be connected with this fantastic studio that is quickly beginning to feel like a second home.”
    “Revolution is my dream studio and better yet, it's real and it's in my hometown of Toronto.  Everything about it was top notch from the gear to the people.  We could focus on music and creation and trust that we were getting great sounds on tape.”
  • HOWARD REDEKOPP (Producer / Engineer – Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers, Mother Mother)
    “I had the privilege of spending a few days in the A room and I can't wait to get back! They really have it all there. Not only are the acoustics fantastic but all that wonderful gear actually works properly and sounds the way it's supposed to. The staff are great and the tech support is world class. I've worked in a lot of Neve rooms and this is now one of my favorites.”
    “Revolution has the best sounding, and most versatile live room I've ever worked in.”
  • ALAN FREW (Glass Tiger)
    “Wow! What a room! We did live drums and grand piano and the sounds are stellar! Thanks Tanya and all the staff at REVOLUTION it was so great working with you. I will definitely be back again!”
  • IAN BODZASI (Producer / Engineer - Katy Perry, Sam Roberts, Festival Express )
    “Everything about Revolution Recording is second to none.  Not only do all 3 rooms sound great and have every piece of equipment you could think of, but the entire staff goes above and beyond to make clients feel at home and sessions run like clockwork.  No detail is overlooked.  What an incredible studio to work in.  ”
  • AEROPLAN (Sam Roberts Band )
    “We hosted a one-of-a-kind studio session at Revolution Recording and the event was perfect.  The Revolution team goes above and beyond, are extremely welcoming and the space is fantastic.  All of our guests raved about the beautiful venue and the incredible acoustics, including the band! Truly a memorable event for all involved.”
    “Hands down, one of the greatest studios I’ve ever walked into. Revolution is like a guilty pleasure. It's slick in a good way, in that you feel like you’re someplace special (a shrine of vintage gear that actually works!), yet it’s still warm and homey and not too precious at the same time. The folks at Revolution are inspiring to work with as well. It’s obvious they’re proud of what they’ve created and there’s so much passion that’s gone into creating it. Not to be overlooked is that it exists in a dynamic part of downtown Toronto, nestled within walking distance of great cafés and watering holes. It was a joy making a record here.”
    “Revolution is an incredible studio with one of the best and biggest live rooms we've ever had the privilege to record in. It's a great place to get great work done.”
  • BRIAN MONCARZ (Producer / Mixer - Moneen, Neverending White Lights, Circa Survive)
    “Recording at Revolution was such an incredible experience. I was absolutely amazed at how fast we were able to get great drum sounds. Both my drum tech and I were blown away. The Neve Room sounds amazing, period! Our engineer, Stephen, was fantastic to work with....very confident and friendly; an all around great guy to have in the studio. I think that this studio has something very special going on....Incredible sounds, amazing vibe and great staff. I will be back for sure!”
    “The folks at Revolution felt like extended family and the studio itself is a real Toronto gem.”
  • MIKE BELITSKI (The Sadies)
    “Revolution is a world class studio, with knowledgeable staff, incredible gear, warm vibe and no attitude. We felt right at home from the get go, and had a great recording experience”
    “Recording at Revolution was a great experience, talented and adept staff, chill atmosphere. Looking forward to coming back.”
  • GAVIN GARDINER (The Wooden Sky )
    “It would be easy to be overwhelmed in such an awe-inspiring space but the folks at Revolution did a great job of making everyone feel at home and helping us get the sounds we needed quickly.  It doesn’t hurt that every mic you've ever dreamt of is hidden somewhere in their mic locker....”
  • LUKE DOUCET (Whitehorse)
    “Revolution surprises you. Indie rockers tend to recoil at the "leather couch" studios. You know, the perfect ones. We want messy and homey. We like to feel like we're slumming it. But the vibe at Revolution manages to make artists feel at home despite having an arsenal of functioning vintage gear that would humble the most ardent tube fetishists, in rooms that are meticulously curated for sound. I'm not sure what the secret is… the best trained assistants in the biz, for starters. Just when you think you have to stop being creative for a bit to fix this or to organize that, someone has quietly snuck away to deal with… everything. Back to work!!”
    “We are so lucky to have this world class facility in Toronto. We had an amazing day of recording! Thank you so much to Stephen and the crew/staff for creating a perfect vibe to capture the magic! I'll be back! ”
    “We were in the middle of a tour and needed a great room in Toronto to stream a live session. The whole crew at Revolution took amazing care of us and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. We’re now looking for an excuse to come back to Toronto and record here!”
  • PETER KATZ (Juno Nominated Singer-Songwriter)
    “Revolution is one of the greatest places on the face of this earth.  As soon as you walk into the tracking room, your inner monologue says “I’ll do my best work here”.  Beyond the inspiring space, the staff are such a pleasure to work with and are the definition of the word professional (and they’re really nice too).  Gorgeous Neve board that makes the audiophile in you drool, every piece of gear you could ever want, plus that something magic in the air.  I was trying to convince them to let me make one of the Iso-booths my new bedroom, would be happy to live at Revolution full-time.”
  • DAVE BIDINI (Bidini Band, The Rheostatics)
    “RR's main room and Neve board possess a rich sonic history without ever sounding decayed or museum'd. A temple of tone and Taj Mahal of taste.”
    “Revolution is a place where artistic dreams can flourish. It is the Abbey Road of Canada.”
  • PAT STEWARD (Vancouver-based drummer extraordinaire, long time Odds member and session man to the stars)
    “I recently had the pleasure of (finally) getting in to record at Revolution. I’ve known about it since I walked in during early construction stages, so I was  aware of the care taken to ensure a quality facility. From the minute I walked in and heard someone playing my drums in Studio A, I got excited and knew exactly what I was in for. It’s a type of old school sound that you can meld to however modern you’d like to take it. With a beautiful Neve Console and an assortment of classic, vintage microphones, the sounds were awesome, and as I’d expected.  The excellent, friendly staff and laid back vibe of this place makes Revolution one of the best places to record.”
    “My favourite place to record not only in Toronto but in the country. Once in a blue moon people get everything right when they open a new business. It's rare, but this is one of those cases. A home away from home.”
  • ROBERTO OCCHIPINTI (Juno award winning producer/bassist - Hilario Duran, Gryphon Trio , Soul Stew , Shine On, Sicilian Jazz Project )
    “Revolution Recording is not only the state of the art recording studio in Canada with a great sounding live room and an incredible collection of equipment, but also and perhaps more importantly it has strong support staff and a group of highly experienced engineers.  I have done pop, classical and jazz recordings, from string quartet to full orchestra and have never been disappointed with any of the results.  I highly recommend their services.”
    “What a wonderful experience! I can't say enough great things about Revolution Recording...From all the extremely kind & helpful people on site, to the impeccable & gorgeous studios, extremely warm vibes & tones, and incredible recording equipment. Stephen was most excellent as well! I certainly welcome the opportunity to record with you again... Next time I'm looking for a studio to record in (or recommend) Revolution Recording will be my first choice! ”
  • ENT Marketing
    “On behalf of Visa Infinite, we’ve hosted exclusive events at Revolution Recording with world renowned artists Serena Ryder, Jesse Cook and Robin Thicke. The Revolution team goes above and beyond and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to hosting more artists and clients in what is truly a unique environment. A fantastic space and great people, we couldn't ask for more!”
  • THOMAS McKAY (Producer - Mercy Flight, Joydrop, Saidah Baba Talibah, Christian Bridges, Tara Slone)
    “Revolution Recording - In the words of Guns N' Roses "Sweet Fairchild of mine ... yadda bam" The Fairchildren are enough to have hooked me. How about a studio where everything works? Whoa maintenance, now that is REVOLUTIONARY!! How about peeps who know how to align a tape machine. I'm sitting now ... Joe and his crew are the perfect balance of old/new school and that is a whole lot of schoolin' !! Great engineers, great studio manager, great assistant engineers, great receptionists ALL in good ole Leslieville. Does it get any better ?”
  • STEPHAN MOCCIO (Producer / Composer – Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban)
    “An amazing place for orchestral recording sessions (and studio listening parties). Great experience every time. Revolution is an all around solid recording facility - world class staff, equipment and studios makes it an outstanding creative environment and destination. The beautiful Yamaha C7 in Studio A is the icing...”
  • VINCE DEGIORGIO (SAC Producer for "Songworks", Caro Emerald, Brooklyn Roebuck)
    “Revolution Studios is one of a kind, the finest kind”
  • RON HAWKINS (Do Good Assassins, Lowest of the Low)
    “I've recorded at Little Mountain (next door to Motley Crue). I've been in indie studios and mobile studios and garage studios. I've recorded in my bedroom, in my living room, at my cottage and in my bathroom. Somehow the folks at Revolution have taken the glamour and professionalism of Abbey Road and infused it with the spontaneity and fun of recording in your rec room. Viva La Revolucion!”
  • MICHAEL KEIRE (Young Rival, Wildlife, Dirty Nil, New Hands)
    “Revolution is like my second home. When I'm not working out of my personal production studio in Hamilton there really isn't a choice when it comes to where I'm making music.   Revolution is my #1 pick. Why? The staff at REV are super talented and all great people. The A room is a dream to record in...and the outboard and mic selection is top shelf and in top notch condition...it really doesn't get any better. Technically, it embodies everything you could possibly imagine in a high end studio, combined with comfortable vibe and a staff of genuine hard working people.  And that's why I keep going back.”
  • STEVE RIVERS (Country / Southern Rock Artist & Songwriter)
    “It was an absolute pleasure recording at Revolution Recording.  The rooms were very musically inspiring and the sounds we captured totally exceeded my expectations!  ”
  • JULIE STROM AND ALLISON MILLER (Drum and percussion duo)
    “From the moment we arrived at Revolution, everyone was relaxed and everything under control. Our engineers Stephen and his assistant Guillermo could not have been more professional – they were superb. Speaking with Stephen regarding the drum set after the sound check, Allison said, “I have been trying to achieve that sound in studios all across North America for years...the sound as if your ear is right next to the drum. I wish we were making a whole album here!” From the booking to the last minute of recording, the people at Revolution were easily reachable, extremely approachable and welcoming as soon as we walked through the doors. The audio we achieved on our recording is second to none. We’ll definitely be making our full album at RR!”
  • NICK BONIN (Engineer )
    “Loved the room, loved the people, loved the vibe. I can't wait to come back again for another session!”
    “Revolution is an awesome space. It looks great and sounds better! They are extremely accommodating, have some great gear and just an awesome vibe overall. Filming and recording my latest project there went great and I look forward to coming back in the (hopefully, not-too-distant) future!”
  • RON DAVIS (pianist & composer - rondavismusic.com)
    “I've just spent a full week recording at Revolution. Not only was I blown away by the studio, but the entire band and our producer who flew in from Italy for the project were as well. Between us all, there is about a century of recording experience, and we were every one of us impressed by the surroundings, the attention to detail and, of course, the incredible equipment at Revolution (how about that Neve board?) The added touch was the staff: relentlessly helpful, knowledgeable, available, eager but never in the way. Congrats, Revolution. As a Torontonian, I'm proud that you are part of our city's music scene.”
    “There is something to be said about coming into a studio and not having to worry about anything other than the music. Revolution is a beautiful space with amazing staff and equipment. I can’t wait to come back.”
  • JESSE KUMAGAI (Massey Hall)
    “The only thing more impressive than the studio itself is the wonderful staff at Revolution.”
  • BILL GODDARD (Producer - The Borgias II)
    “Rejoin the Revolution to Old School Recording.”
  • DAVE CLARK (The Woodshed Orchestra)
    “Recording at Revolution was such a pleasure. Our band was treated with the greatest of respect by caring, confident, helpful and joyous people; from Amanda at the desk, Arthur and crew out on the floor, Jason working the Pro Tools screen, Tanya behind the biz end and of course Joe Dunphy behind the mixing desk. The vibe was inviting and exciting. Our band felt an incredible buzz of creativity and positive energy from being in such a happening place where art takes precedence. The tones we got from working in the main room and iso booths of Studio A came singing out of the monitors upon playback and they were stunning to say the least. They were so warm and rich with all the subtle detail captured so clearly. We danced for joy when listening back to our takes. Working with the Revolution folks made our Woodshed Orchestra recording sessions a dream come true. I'm very grateful for that.”
  • MATT ZIMBEL (Producer, Manteca)
    “Our creative experience with Revolution was revolutionary. Three tunes, in a one day with nine people on the floor, was the most productive session we have had in 33 years of recording. Our project at your studio was the most beautifully recorded, most transparent, most efficient and productive session we have ever undertaken. It was all about the art of recording, and your commitment to creating a technical and emotional environment that would settle for nothing less than excellence was an inspiration. Thank you.”
    “The project we have just completed is our second Manteca CD recorded at Revolution. For this project we decided to record the whole nine-piece band live off the floor in Studio A – no isolation booths. The results were stunning! Although I have spent many years in different recording studios, I still find it exciting when I find a special room to work in. Revolution has that synergistic combination of an outstanding space and a talented staff. Magic happens here!”
    “Recording at Revolution was a pleasure. Such a wonderful combination of amazing gear, a beautiful sounding room, and friendly staff. I wasn't the least bit intimidated by the experience, because everyone made me feel at home. All this while still being 100% professional. Incredible! Loved it.”
    “Having spent 9 years at Manta Sound, I had longed for the day that another studio would evoke the same feeling of ‘world class’ studio I had once felt before. Revolution Recording is this world class recording studio I had be waiting for in Toronto. Not only does it surpass all of my technical needs, with its expansive mic and gear selection, but it is also a warm and inviting space, with an outstanding staff that makes me feel comfortable and confident in what I do. I look forward to many more sessions there, whether it be orchestral, post production, or straight ahead album recordings. I get excited like a kid in a candy store every time I'm booked in.”
    “Revolution is such a great sounding room. Everything sounds better in there. A cello and violin sounds like a full string section! It’s a world class operation from top to bottom: the staff, the equipment and the studios. If I could, I would move in and live there three hundred and sixty-five days a year!”
    “Revolution Recording provided us with the perfect venue for our corporate event. It was the ideal mix of elegance, good food, and fun - with all the technical aspects coming together perfectly. Our guests loved the unique location and the ability to be part of a very musical and creative evening. Staff was responsive to our special wishes and highly flexible with last minute changes.”
    “Recording at Revolution was one of the best experiences of our lives. The knowledgeable staff immediately made us feel comfortable and at home which helped foster a creative and inspiring environment. Recording a song live in the beautiful sounding space of Studio A with a string quartet was simply magical and now we have that permanently captured on our second record. It is difficult to put into words just how great it is to record at Revolution. You must experience it for yourself!”
  • MIKE MURLEY (Juno Award Winning Saxophonist)
    “Revolution is a state of the art studio that easily accommodated the 20-piece U of T Jazz Orchestra. I look forward to recording more projects at Revolution in the future.”
    “With three isolation booths and one large room, we were able to record 9 string players, one percussionist, one electric guitarist AND my vocals live off the floor in Studio A... with no possibility of bleed. I was amazed at how much we accomplished in just one session. Oh, and the vintage gear!!!”